Hotel Rates


Standard Rates (available to all travelers)

Please Note:

The rates often change from month-to-month. we offer weekly rates and group rates also for extended stay. For the most current rates, please call us toll free at 1-866-WY-LODGE ,or 307-367-8800 , 307-367-8802 or go to the reservation page. also we offer one bedroom furnished apartment with all utility including. so please call the hotel for more information.


Winter Sports Promotion Discount

We're Giving Discounted Rates To Winter Sports Enthusiast!

Are you a skier, snowmobiler, or hockey fan? If so, take advantage of our discounted rates. To receive your Winter Sports Discount, simply show proof of a ski lift ticket, snowmobile, or hockey team when checking in and save on your room's rates.


The Winter Sports Promotion Includes:

For Questions:

Call us toll-free at 1-866-WY-LODGE or inquire via our contact form. We are located at 1054 W. Pine Street in beautiful Pinedale, Wyoming. See our location map.